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Soft breezes
Kisses on the back of the neck
Ice-cream cones dripping
New shoes
Good hugs
Sleeping in
Laughing until it hurts

Oh man! It’s pouring rain. It’s Saturday and it’s your wedding day. I know you can look at this and say, “Man this sucks.It’s my wedding and it’s pouring rain. Like my pictures are gonna suck. Maybe I won’t even be able to do pictures.” But you have to go in first and foremost with the attitude that you’re getting married because you’ve found your soul mate and the day is a celebration of the commitment you are making to each other. And it’s something that you’re bringing together family and friends to share in that joy with you. And you know what, it really is about just that; friends and family, regardless of the dress you picked out or the venue the reception will be held it.  It’s not all about – and don’t get me wrong, I am a photographer and do love pretty pictures & documenting stories – but the main focus is really not about pretty pictures, and beautiful details and a beautiful sunset background, really it’s about you guys. So ya, maybe it might rain on your big day. And you’ll feel a little sucky at the beginning but try and have the attitude that it’s still all good. With that being said, you do wanna make sure that you are prepared, the odds are in your favour and that you do have a back up plan in place, which includes:

- A back-up location for the ceremony. In case you’ve planned a lovely garden wedding and then the forecast turns to rain.
- A back-up location for the Bridal portraits. It can be something as simple as a breeze way with an overhang.
- Or you’re really cool and adventurous people and you won’t mind going out in the rain to do some fun shots with umbrella’s and rubber boots!

If nothing else, this way you’re prepared and you’ll have peace of mind.

It didn’t rain this time :)


Moving into the long weekend and a week’s vacation, I’ll be taking some time to finish some projects and then some time to b.r.e.a.t.h.e. I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone. In fact, it never really started, what with the unusual and un-predictable weather we had. But you know what, while I love summer and the opportunity to wear sun-dresses and flip flops and lounge in the backyard, September is really my favorite time of year. I guess it goes back to being in school and at the end of summer getting excited to start the new school year, with new books and new clothes and getting to see all your school friends again. And still to this day, September always feel’s like the real ‘New Year’ to me. I still love picking up the massive fall edition of the latest fashion magazines (who remember’s reading ‘Sassy’ and ‘Seventeen’?) and shopping for ‘fall’ clothes. And I still save items to wear for the first time at the beginning of September (in fact, I have this cute little plaid shirt that I can’t wait to wear, sitting in my closet). Along with the end of summer, September brings with it the air of new beginnings and fresh starts. Time to flip the calendar page over and make new plans around my continued commitment to healthy eating & bike riding and growing my Wedding Photography business for 2014. What are some of YOUR new beginnings & plans for next month? :)


Guildwood Park in Toronto. Scarborough actually. A bit of a twisty turny spot to get to, but definitely a cool location for photos. This is where I ended up for wedding bridals, second shooting for Mendes Photography – in December. It was cold. But we’ll get back to that. We started out with some getting ready shots in the house. I love love love the traditional mehndi design the bride had applied to her hands and feet! So pretty and such a beautiful compliment to the cream coloured lengha she wore for the ceremony. Afterwards, we made our way over to the park. So I mentioned it was cold right? It was freezing actually. But the bride was a trooper in open toed high heels to boot and we made it a point to shoot as quickly as we could! The old amphitheatre is quite stunning with it’s beautiful architecture and played a beautiful backdrop for their portraits with the sun peaking in and out from the clouds.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

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Ya, I said it. Explains my love of action drama’s where the lead character is also involved in a dramatic, star crossed love story (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beauty and Beast, Simon & Alisha from Mifits and Stefan & Elena from Vampire Diaries. Hmm… Apparently I also have a thing for sci-fi drama. But seriously, what can be better to photograph and document, then the love that two people share. And what better opportunity to do that than on the day they’ve chosen to commit and honour their love in front of friends and family? So if I have the honour of documenting your big day, do expect to be asked to show some a lot of PDA’s. Afterall, you will have just sealed your commitment it with a kiss moments before. What’s one more? :)

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters - Wed37

As I get ready to 2nd shoot on a wedding tomorrow with the ever awesome Valter Mendes at, I thought I’d take a quick look back on a wedding I second shot with him a previous summer. Not only was this a super fun couple, they had some really lovely details that tied the decor very nicely into their wedding scheme. Working off the ‘Tiffany’ theme, they had bombonieres made up as Tiffany boxes with white and blue custom m&m’s inside – with their wedding date on them. The bride carried a beautiful white bouquet with blue accents and they carried the blue & white theme throughout their reception decor including their wedding cake. It was custom designed as white and blue gift boxes! Now how cute is that?

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Toronto Wedding Photographer

And then you pat yourself on the back and let out an accomplished sigh. This is what it looks like to get organized. Well, for some of us anyway. Okay, well probably just me. So apart from doing an awesomely fun client headshot session on Saturday along with some editing of other projects, I managed to find some time to sit down, sort, conquer and divide all the piles of paper that needed attention badly. I got my to-do’s queued, my future projects listed and my calendar updated (I can’t believe it’s almost September!). Such a great feeling moving forward with clarity of mind and desk! What did your weekend hold? If you had as much ‘fun’ with paper as I did, I congratulate you! :)

Toronto Photographer - Organize

These are perhaps my favorite types of images. And what I love about having a camera in my hand and being able to melt into the background. I get to capture a moment that would otherwise slip by. Just a simple image of a girl looking on as her sister is getting ready – for one of the biggest days of her life. But an image that will remind them what that day represented and held in store.

Toronto Photographer

I love when I get photograph a couple like Amy & Peter. They are so awesome to hang around with you can’t help but be infected by their goodhearted-ness and down to earth nature’s.  The interaction between them was so wonderful that I was able to capture so many great loving moments between them. It’s always  great to be able to go to a location that is comfortable and relaxed and always my couple to just enjoy the session and feel at ease. Amy and Peter are now married and off on a new adventure, creating a new wonderful life together.

Toronto Wedding Photographer - Ardean Peters

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