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1) Parents
During the Group portrait and solo Family Portrait, your job is to always keep your eyes on the camera, so once I get all the kids attention, everyone is looking and I can snap away.

2) Getting little kids to look at the camera
When it comes to the individual Portraits of the kids, I'll ask Parents to both stand behind my head, at my level, making faces or doing silly things, to get little eyes looking at my camera

3) How to Position Your Head
Look straight ahead with your chin level/parallel to the ground - then just drop your chin a little bit to the ground. You'll hear me cue you saying, 'Chin down' or touching my chin and tilting my head down

4) How to Position Your Body
- For nice looking portraits where everyone looks connected, always make sure you're close to the person on either side of you, almost or slightly touching them.
- Stand on an angle in towards the center of the group.
- It's nice if you feel comfortable to lean your heads in.
- Little kids can rest their heads on mom or dad's shoulder for a more relaxed image

5) What to Wear / Wardrobe
It's nice if everyone keeps to a similar colour scheme and is somewhat coordinated. So for example, white or beige shirts with tan or dark pants and then you can mix and match outfits

Final Images
I do my best to capture natural, relaxed and true photos of you and your family. Fun and laughter over 'perfection'. When you look back at these images, I hope you will see a true reflection of your family at that point in time. How wonderful is that?