As a 9-to-5’er living in Toronto I practise photography in my spare time. After graduating in Fashion Design I quickly fell in to administrative work and I’ve worked as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for several years. 

Photography is and always has been my passion and when time permits I work for clients (corporate and family shoots, portraiture and branding) as well as personal projects. In 2015 I completed and exhibited ‘In Bed With Awesome Women: A Portrait Series’, where my goal was to capture the authenticity of 11 beautiful women. I’ve also started a project called ‘Her Hair’, celebrating black women’s hair and documenting women of the African diaspora wearing their hair in it’s natural state – un-chemically treated and without extensions added.

Light, in all it’s shapes, forms and appearances, is the red line through most of my work and keeps me shooting even the most mundane of scenes. My ongoing series ‘Light’, documenting the city of Toronto in the light as I see it is a good example of this.