Corporate Headshots

I offer both small and large office Corporate Headshot packages. These shoots can easily be done on location in a large room, boardroom or large hall-way. I currently offer 3 background colours: White, Black and Gray, which I bring with me and set up on site. I can also use any sufficient walls as-is, that you may have in your office that you'd like as the background. For photographing head-shots of multiple employees, I also bring lighting with me and will arrive early to set up, prior to the actual session time starting. Shooting on white offers seamless integration to an all-white company website, while using a black or gray background, can add some interest and punch. Or, you can opt to take your team shoot outdoors season/weather permitting). This option is great because it allows for more varied background options.

Whatever your choice, I enjoy collaborating with awesome companies to produce great photos. For more info or to connect with me to schedule a shoot, you can email me via my contact page.



Small Office Corporate Headshots - $600 session fee (up to 4 people)

  • In office or outdoor location near office.

  • 1 final image per person.

  • Additional images are $75/per image.

Large Office Corporate Headshots - $150/person (5-20 people)

  • In office or outdoor location near office.

  • 2 final images per person.

  • Additional images are $75/per image.



To book a corporate shoot, please email me dates and times you're interested in having the session and the approximate number of employees that will be attending. Once a date and time is confirmed, we can discuss the specifics of the images, i.e. outdoor photos, indoor, colour of background preferred, etc.  A $100 Travel fee added to all sessions outside of Toronto. All final images include light skin retouching (blemish removal), stray hair corrections and are corrected for exposure and colour. *Pricing & Details subject to change


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