Q1. What does the 'Session Fee' cover?

A1. Where the package indicates, 'Session Fee only', this means that the price shown, pays for my time only and in this case any digital images or printed images that you want, you must purchase in addition to the session fee.

Q2. What is a 'Digital Image'? 
A2. My packages come standard with 'Digital images'. These are digital copies of the photos from the session. You will receive a link to download your images in a zip file to your computer. If 'Digital Images' are included in your package - you do not get any prints with that. Prints can be purchased separately.

Q3. What is a Mini Session?
A mini session is a Family Portrait Session that has been compacted down from the typical 1.5hr+ session to just 30mins. Because the time is shortened, I focus on capturing a full family group shot, group shots of the kids, individuals shots of the kids and if time permits, a portrait of the parents. These sessions are ideal if you like to update your family photos yearly or your child missed out on their school photos. Please note: because time is limited, that the images resulting from mini sessions will not necessarily be as varied and 'lifestyle' in feel, as a full Family Portrait Session.

Q4. Why are your Mini Sessions only offered at High Park, Toronto or Chingaucousy Park, Brampton? 
A4. I offer Mini Sessions as an alternative to a full Family Portrait Session, allowing for families that may only need a few images or are looking for a more budget friendly option to a full Family Portrait Session. As such, I've chosen locations that are easily accessible to me and that I am very familiar with, which means that I will be able to work fast and efficiently during these short sessions. Note: In the Spring and Fall, I typically offer Mini Session Specials where you get extra digital images included in the package. Look out for announcements by following my blog here and entering your email address in the space indicated, to be alerted of new posts and upcoming specials. 

Q5. Do you shoot on Location or in Studio?
A5. Currently I work on location for Portraits, Family Portraits and Corporate work. I work in my home studio for Individual Portrait sessions & Branding sessions. Unfortunately, due to the size of my home studio, I am not able to offer Family Portraits indoor. All Family shoots are held at an outdoor location  as a Family Portrait Session or in the clients home as a Lifestyle Family Portrait Session.

Q6. What is a 'Lifestyle Family Session'?
A6. A 'Lifestyle Family Session', is a portrait session that takes place in your home. This type of session is geared towards capturing real authentic photos of you interacting with your family, showcasing the fun and love within your family. I shoot these sessions using natural light - so the ideal home is one that has access to good natural light, minimalist in style and that allows lot's of space for me to move around freely. If you have toddler's, I'll spend a lot of time on my stomach on the floor! 

Q7. Do you shoot Corporate or Executive Headshots?
A7. Yes I do! I am available to do either Individual Headshots in my home studio or if you're a company looking to have Headshots done for your Executive's or Employees, I am available to travel to you and shoot on site. You can check out all my info here.

Q8. What do you mean by 'good light'?
A8. There are two times during the day when photographers really get excited to shoot. They are typically referred to as the 'golden hour'. It's advantageous to shoot at this time, because the sun is lower in the sky and therefore you don't have harsh, un-flattering shadows and the light is softer and more 'diffuse' - making for great portraits. A good photographer can shoot at other times during the day if necessary, but these times are preferred. 

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